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Christina Elledge: Life Goes Fast

Christina is a lover of coffee, rainy days, and finding a good bargain.  Married to her husband, Chris, since 1991, together they’ve raised three beautiful daughters mostly while living cross-culturally.  After working in other areas of ministry, Christina and her husband moved to Norman, OK in 2014 and co-founded Fahrenheit: Real.Life.Mentoring desiring to help the body of Christ connect with the world around them so that mentoring relationships can prosper and authentic discipleship can change the world.

Life goes fast.  At the end of the day, your life will not be counted in numbers of clean diapers available, amount of laundry that was folded, or Pinterest projects that were successfully completed.  It will, however, be measured by the quality of your investment in showing up, everyday, year after year.

Because of my passion to see young women navigate the waters of motherhood successfully, young Moms are on my heart.  Before you know it, Young Momma, years will come and go.  Your children will not be cutting teeth, cutting their hair when you are not looking, or cutting up your favorite curtains.  They will grow older … and so will you.  Your current season of motherhood will have passed. 

I was an unsecure, young Mom.  Unsure of my ability to pass along good things to my children and point them to God as the anchor of their souls, I became obsessed with my daughter's carrying traditions in their heads and hearts of happy childhoods.  A good thing that emerged out of that obsession was the ability the Holy Spirit gave me to create simple moments - and lots of them.  

When my girls were young, one day we were taking one of my favorite routes through town via my silver minivan.  I realized on this particular spectacular Fall day that the trees covered the street creating a canopy of sorts of splendidly covered red, brown and orange leaves.  At that very moment, the Holy Spirit gave me the idea to call this a "Bridge of Beauty".  I told them to capture the moment in their heads just as they would a digital camera.  From that point on, every time they would see a similar scene, it would forever be their "Bridge of Beauty" moment.

That was years ago.  My youngest daughter, Libby, would have been a baby.  Just this past Fall, seventeen years later, Libby and I drove under that Bridge of Beauty.  The baby who sat in the backseat of my silver minivan not really knowing what a Bridge of Beauty was now reflecting upon the number of times she has now ridden under the Bridge of Beauty.  We were able to talk about her future.  We talked about how she, too, if God allowed her to be a wife and mother, could create moments that would be etched in her children's minds.  It was a breathtaking moment.  She went on to talk about her instagram account but I camped out on the emotional high of the moment.  

Life goes fast.  Yet, God has used my feeble attempts to build a great core value into the lives of my daughters. 

I said earlier that your life will be measured by the quality of your investment in showing up, everyday, year after year.  On that particular Fall day, I showed up.  And the incredibly generous thing about walking with God is that He showed up in the moment.  He multiplied the effect of that one, simple moment and gave it wings to carry sweet memories for over seventeen years.  That, dear Momma, is the beauty of surrendering your season of Motherhood to a kind Father who will use everything you do for the good of your sweet babies!

I've said it times too numerous to count ... hold on to the days.  Hold on to the days!!!  Each season has its own treasures.  Enjoy and embrace the season you are now in!  Don't recoil from the day's events.  Don't bear grudgingly the tasks on your list for today.  They.go.too.fast.

You can learn more about Chris & Christina's ministry Fahrenheit here: Fahrenheitmentoring.org You may also visit Christina's personal blog at elledgefamilyblog.blogspot.com

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