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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

Where to begin!! You’ve done so much for me and continue to do so much!! I’m extremely blessed to have you as a mom. Thank you for raising me to be a Godly woman. Thank you for being my teacher. Thank you for you help when it came time to start college. Thank you for being my personal wedding planner. Thank you for being the best Gigi for Everly. I’ll never be able to put into words how much you mean to me. I only hope that I’ll be as good a mom to Everly and you have been to me. I love you more than all the sprinkles in the world!!

Love, Sarah

Dear Mom,

It’s Mother’s Day, the day to celebrate you. And I want to start off by saying Thank you. Thank you for all you did for my siblings and me, and thank you for all you still do for us.

Now that I am a mom, I am seeing all the sacrifice it took. And I have only been a mom for a year and a half! I can only imagine what the future holds, but I know for sure it holds sacrifice. Sleep, food, free time, quiet, hobbies, outside work, emotional stability at times, a clear mind, you-time, a clean home, schedules, going to the bathroom alone, and a lot more! There are a couple things that are really standing out right now that I am thankful for that I’ve taken for granted until I talked to some other moms and saw that not every daughter had this growing up.

Thank you for teaching me how to cook and bake. I am thankful that we don’t have to buy boxed meals all the time or go out so much. It’s easier to provide good food for my family without the stress of figuring it all out.

Thank you for teaching me how to organize and clean. Even though I didn’t enjoy it as a kid (and still don’t!), I have some order to my home that allows it to be a peaceful and restful (sometimes) place for my husband to come home to and friends to hang out in.

Thank you for all the times we had coffee together. It put a “foundation” for me to have it always available for friends, something that my husband and I shared together on dates and even still, and gave me something to be hospitable with. I also remember feeling as a little kid that I was able to partake in something “big,” something an adult did every day and I felt like a big deal to me then!

Thank you for the sacrifices you made to homeschool us. Just having kids is a lot of work, and I can’t imagine how much more it is to teach them school. You did what you thought was best for us, and for that I am so grateful.

Thank you for all the times we sat out on the swing and sang together waiting for Dad to come home from work. That’s something I think I’ll always remember that was fun!

Thank you for always making Valentine’s Day special, cutting out hearts and writing sweet notes on them. Out of all the holidays, that stands out the most to me. Your words of love and affirmation meant (and still mean) a lot.

Skipping ahead to recent years, thank you for the many nights you stayed up late holding Jovi when she was a baby, and the bit you've been able to do with Joshua. You’re allowing me to get some much needed sleep was super appreciated! Thank you for sacrificing your own sleep and sleeping on a maybe-not-so-comfortable couch to help.

There are many more things I could thank you for, but I wanted to point out some that I am feeling specifically thankful for right now.

I love you, Mom. You have done a lot, and your sacrifice is seen and appreciated.


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