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May We Never Lose Our Wonder

As we walk around outside, there is nothing I enjoy more than watching Everly explore the world around her. I love seeing her eyes get wide as she watches the wind blow the leaves on the big pecan trees. I love the smile she gets on her face when she watches Sadie run around the yard. Everything around her is new and exciting, and she is filled with awe and wonder about this big, beautiful world that she’s a part of.

Watching her makes me think of the song “Wonder” that Amanda Cook sings.

“May we never lose our wonder

May we never lose our wonder

Wide eyed and mystified

May we be just like a child

Staring at the beauty of our King”

This is exactly how Everly looks at this world!! I always enjoyed this song, but I never truly understood how true it was until I had Everly.

How important is it for us to just be in awe and wonder of this beautiful world God let’s us live in!! In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s so easy to lose focus of the beauty around us and focus only on the hardships and ugliness of life. I know I never want Everly to lose that look of wonder in her eyes. I’m sure God smiles when we just sit back and truly appreciate what He has made for us and given us.

Saturday starts a new month, and I challenge you to take time every day to pay attention to the world around you. Put your phone away. Turn the television off. Truly pay attention to the beauty of nature. Pay attention to your little ones playing and exploring the world. Take a moment to just thank God for all the goodness that He is.

Below is a link to listen to the song Wonder.


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