• Anna Waller

Soul Value

Updated: May 2, 2020

I saw a lizard crawling across our yard the other day, in the tall grass, so small on such a huge earth, I thought, It has no idea. I quickly remembered an earthworm Jovi and I found in our garden. It has no idea what it is doing, just surviving, doing all it knows to do.

It doesn’t know how it nourishes our soil, helping our plants to grow, in turn giving us, God’s highest earthly creation made in His image, food and sustenance. It has no idea. And yet they do what they do and it affects us all, no matter its size. That is how we are in God’s cosmos. Sometimes as a mom, I feel like that earthworm or lizard, just doing, just surviving sometimes. Every diaper change, every time I sweep the floor, every runny nose I wipe, every time I clean the high chair, every load of laundry… in my mind I can sometimes be numb in the continual mundane, and not really know what it is I am doing. Not know to what extent my duties benefit my husband, daughter, son, and even others. But I must not be like the soulless creatures of the earth. I must remember who I am in Christ, a wonderful work*, with a wonderful work done in me**, with a high purpose***. Jesus calls us to Himself and then calls us His friends^. A servant does not know what his master is doing, but friends know each other^^. We know God’s plan for the world in scripture and we can choose to be a part of it. He invites us in, not blindly, but openly. We have a purpose with our Maker and we can know what that is. Go through your day aware of your friendship with our Maker and God and Friend. And if you have chosen True Life in Him you can be confident that every step of your way has deep, soul purpose. He delights in this purpose and giving it to us.

My two year old daughter was helping me cook dinner one evening, pouring and attempting to stir ingredients together. I looked with joy at the pride and happiness in her eyes. To her, she was doing a BIG work. Important, grown-up work. But, for my goal - creating a tasty and beautiful meal - I didn’t need her. I could have easily gotten it done faster and better if I had done it alone. But, wasn’t it a joy to her to have purpose?! And it wasn’t over the actual tasks she performed that held joy, it was the invitation. Mamma invited her into her world, her tasks, her big grown-up duties. The desire that God has for us gives us deep, soul identity. It fulfills the longing to be wanted and enjoyed, to have purpose, despite our inabilities. He delights in our “help” and would continue to ask us to help over and over again, and teach us in baby steps how to do it better and better the right way. I see a vast sea of purpose, belonging, friendship, and likeness with God here. As mothers, we can always believe in His goodness and purpose for us.

Our attempts in light of Christ bring delight and joy to our Parent God. And when we live under Christ’s reign, we are working with Him; every work done in Christ has purpose and is effective in His Kingdom.

*Psalm 139v14

**2 Corinthians 5v17

***Ephesians 2v10

^John 15v13

^^John 15v15

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