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The Little Things

“Treasure every moment, because before you know it, they’re all grown up.” How many new parents have heard this multiple times? I know I did.

It really is crazy how fast time goes by. It seems like Everly was just born and now she’s already four months. Throughout these four months, there have been really good days and some not so good days. Everyday, especially those not so great days, I do my best to remind myself to treasure every moment with my baby girl. Those nights where she may wake up multiple times a night; those days where she won’t nap unless I hold her; the days when I can’t put her down because she’ll immediately start crying. I sometimes have to stop and actually treasure those moments. Soak in all the snuggles and being able to hold her in my arms because one days she’ll be all grown up and I’d give anything to be able to hold her and rock her to sleep or just hold her and carry her around. Sometimes I find myself thinking about how I can’t wait until she’s able to sit up on her own and play on her own so I can get things done. And while I can’t wait to see her grow and learn new things, I want time to slow down. Give me a few more times of waking up in the middle of the night so I can hold her a little more. Let her never get too old or too big to snuggle up with momma and be wrapped in her arms.

Thinking of this makes me wonder if God feels this way as we grow up. Young children love learning about Him. They soak up everything you have to say about the God that loves them so much!! Their faith is so pure and true, but I feel as we get older we become more dependent on ourselves and not so much on our Heavenly Father. We make time for more important things; we get too busy to just spend time with Him. Does God ever think, “What if all My children could actually stay children?” just like we think I wish my little ones would stay little.

So, when your little one wants to be right by your side 24/7, when you have to wake up many time to tend to your baby, etc. take those moments and treasure them. Take that time to love on them, pray over them, and just enjoy every second you get to spend with them.

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